Amped WiFi Extender Won’t Stay Connected? Here’s the Fix!

Have you installed an Amped WiFi extender in your house to enjoy lag-free internet

accessibility? But, what’s that? Are you experiencing connectivity issues with your Amped

extender? Won’t it stay connected? If you have answered every question asked till now in yes,

then this post is for you. Here, we have jotted down some important Amped wireless

troubleshooting techniques that will help you resolve the issue at hand. So, keep reading.

However, before getting down to the hacks, we would like to highlight the reasons that might

have dragged you to the issue in the first place. 

Why Amped WiFi Extender Won’t Stay Connected?

1. Wrong Location

Every networking device needs to be placed in a perfect location in order to perform well. Your
Amped wireless extender follows the same rule. Know that if the extender is not placed
correctly, you can find yourself struggling with the mess of various issues including the one
you’re already facing.

2. Lack of Latest Firmware Version

It is not a secret that Amped extenders operate on firmware. Firmware is nothing but a
programming code that instructs your extender to do various activities. Chances are that you
didn’t pay heed to the pending firmware update of your Amped device due to which you are
finding yourself dealing with connectivity issues.

3. Inaccurate Extender-Router Distance

Apart from outdated firmware and inappropriate location of your Amped extender, the distance
separating your WiFi devices can also make you feel inundated with connectivity issues.
Perhaps, your devices are unable to propagate WiFi signals properly.

4. Damaged Ethernet Cable

What’s the physical condition of the Ethernet cable forming a direct connection between your
networking devices (router and extender)? Is it damaged? If yes, then we’re not surprised that
Amped extender connectivity issues have arrived at your table. For your information, a
damaged cable can affect the direct communication between your devices.

5. Partial Setup Process

Last, but not least, the partial Amped extender setup process can also make you a victim of
the Amped extender won’t stay connected issue. Remember that the incomplete setup of the
extender has been one of the major reasons behind the extender-related issues.
Now that you’ve learned the reasons behind the connectivity issues with your Amped device,
let’s take you on a tour of the troubleshooting tips to get them fixed.

Fixed: Amped Extender Won’t Stay Connected

Before you try the following troubleshooting techniques, consider restarting your Amped
extender. Possibly, a minor glitch is not letting your WiFi device to stay connected which can be
easily gotten rid of by rebooting. If it doesn’t bring you success, then you are free to bring the
following troubleshooting techniques into action.

1. Position the Extender Correctly

Pick up your Amped range extender from the location where it is currently doing its job and
place it somewhere else. Well, that somewhere else can’t be any random location. You have to
ensure that no WiFi interference is present near your range extender. For this, you can avoid
placing your Amped extender near reflexive surfaces, heavy electrical appliances, and metal

2. Update the Firmware

Visit, log in to your extender by putting the customized login details to
use, and locate the Firmware Update option. Once found, click it to move to the Firmware
Update window. As soon as you reach there, click Check Now. Wait until your Amped extender
detects the presence of a new firmware version. If there’s an update, follow the on-screen

3. Place Your WiFi Devices Properly

Your WiFi devices must be placed at an appropriate distance in all cases. You can neither bring
them too close nor place them far apart. To your knowledge, too less distance means a clash of
their WiFi signals whereas too much distance means no communication between them.

4. Replace the Ethernet Cable

If the Ethernet cable you’ve put to use for the direct extender-router connection is found
damaged, you have to bid it a farewell. It won’t help you access a superfast internet connection.

Additionally, make the connection finger-tight.

5. Reconfigure the Extender

If none of the tips have worked in your favor till now then the possibility of the partial Amped
setup process becomes high. In that event, you need to access the Amped wireless login
page and install your extender properly. However, do not forget to reset your device before that.

Sum Up

Here, we are winding up the post discussing the reasons behind the Amped extender won’t stay
connected issue. Hopefully, you will be able to get it resolved with the help of the
troubleshooting tips mentioned above. If yes, then you’re free to share your feedback in the
comment section.
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