Key Point to Know Before Getting a Branded Chimney for Your Kitchen

Shopping for an Elica kitchen chimney or any other branded chimney can be a challenging task due to the vast number of choices available in the market. To assist you in making the right selection, we have compiled a perfect guide. Let's take a look at some crucial factors that you need to consider before purchasing the ideal chimney for your kitchen:

The size of your chimney

Your stove's size will determine the size of your Elica kitchen chimney. Most chimneys come in sizes of 60 cm or 90 cm. A 60 cm chimney is suitable for stoves with two burners or less. A 90 cm chimney is recommended for stoves with three or more burners.

Mounting Style

The type of chimney you mount depends on the kitchen's structure. You can opt for a ceiling-mounted chimney if you already have a cemented duct built into your roof. However, make sure the shape of your chimney and duct is in line with the form of your chimney. For instance, if you have a round duct, make sure you opt for a chimney with an exhaust pipe. On the other hand, for a typical Indian kitchen that has a standard exhaust hole, it is possible to opt for the wall-mounted Elica kitchen chimney.

Suction Capacity 

Elica kitchen chimneys come with different suction capacities ranging from 700 m3/hr to 1,600 m3/hr. You can pick the suction strength depending on the cooking style you prefer. If you're a vegetarian and have lower consumption of oils in your meals, you could opt for a suction strength between 800 and 1,000. If you're a non-vegetarian, we strongly recommend not purchasing any chimneys below the suction power of 1,100. If you frequently consume deep-fried meals, you need to get a chimney above 1,300 suction power.


Kitchen chimneys in India are primarily available in two styles. One is curved, and the other has straight glass. The choice between the two is entirely dependent on your taste. While you must choose the style that you think makes your kitchen appear more stylish, most buyers opt for curved glass style as it looks elegant when it's wall-mounted and straight glass if it's ceiling-mounted.

Free Installation and included accessories in the box

The majority of the chimney manufacturers do not include a FREE installation, aluminium ducts, or the end cap in the retail box. You need to purchase them separately. But, some chimney models have these items in the package. It is necessary to verify this information before purchasing for avoid any confusion.


First and foremost, regardless of the quality of the product, but if it's not equipped with a reliable service lineup, then do not purchase it. Whether you wish to opt for the best chimney under 15,000 or a premium model, it's essential to confirm whether the manufacturer offers excellent after-sales service in your area before placing an order.

Kitchen Chimney Technology

Elica kitchen chimneys equipped with filter-less technology are becoming popular among buyers. The main reason behind their popularity is the less maintenance requirement these models need, as they do not have filters. These Elica kitchen chimneys are usually equipped with oil collectors and efficient auto-clean features. They could be a little more expensive than regular chimneys, but you will save more due to less servicing/ maintenance charges, which otherwise can cost 700-1600 per annum.

This guide will come in handy to help you get familiar with the most crucial factors that you need to consider before purchasing your favourite Elica kitchen chimney or any other branded chimney.

You must also consider other aspects, such as the filter type, product weight, user feedback, parallel to the primary factors discussed above. Additionally, it is essential to ensure your kitchen has enough space for a smooth installation. As there are numerous brands for chimneys in the market, opt for an Elica kitchen chimney or other reputed brands as they are known for offering good quality products backed with top-notch post-sales service.

The most efficient way of purchasing your favourite Kitchen Chimney

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is one of the most outstanding destinations for online shopping of all types of kitchen appliances. Here you can get a wide range of branded kitchen chimneys at jaw-dropping prices, along with several other incredible offers. 

You can purchase your favourite chimney from the EMI Store and repay the product price in easy monthly instalments with the NO Cost EMIs option. You can also look for the zero down payment option applicable on selected Kitchen chimney models to make the shopping experience more pocket-friendly.

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