Combating Blocked Drains with The Help Of Blocked Drains Experts

The most common cause of drain blockage is the entry of foreign bodies into it. These are not meant to carry any other solid matter through it. But sometimes, very unknowingly some solid waste particles also do get carried away into the drains. Over a while, the drain then gets blocked. During such times, it is not always possible for us to free the blocked drains by ourselves. It is then that we must call in the experts of blocked drains to rid us of the problem. They are professionals who knows the working of a drain. They are well equipped and will certainly unclog the drains in no time. 

Causes of Drain Blockage

The drains can get blocked due to many reasons. Some of the most common causes of blocked drains that can inconvenience users

Solid Waste Matter Entering Drains

The solid waste could be anything from baby wipes to cotton pads, sanitary items, hair and, sometimes even a child’s small toy can get stuck there. Such items naturally tend to cause blockage in the drains. The result of blocked drains is very inconvenient. It causes the spillage of dirty water, overflowing, unpleasant odours, etc.

Keeping a bin nearby is the best solution. All the solid waste can be dumped in there while the wastewater can get carried away from the drain or else an expert of blocked drains must be hired.

Outdoor Drain Blockage Prevention

Outdoor drains can also be a nuisance if they are not maintained regularly and checked at proper time intervals. The leaves that get scattered by the wind or during bad weather can cause drain blockage. If the matter is severe, then the only recourse would be to get the help of experts of blocked drains. To prevent this in the first place, you could get the mouth covered with some sort of net.

Grease & Fat and Food Remnants from Cooking

some times the grease and fat from cooking blocks drain. To avoid this, spoilage should be thrown away instead of being flushed down the drains because they accumulate there and cause blockage. To help save on money being spent on experts of blocked drains, never flush it down wastewater pipes. Even leftover food from plates being washed can cause the drains to be blocked.

Hair and Soap Suds

While bathing, a lot of soap suds hair strands fall on the ground and, they eventually run into the waste outlet and get clogged there causing a blockage.

Tree Roots Intrusion

Most often tree roots can get in the way of drainage systems. If the outdoor drain gets blocked by tree roots then it is most likely to clog your indoor drains. This then becomes serious and, an expert of blocked drains must be called in. the best way to avoid this is keep the trees in check. In case the drains are clogged with the roots interference you will have to go through a lot of procedures and spend good amount of money to get rid of this problem.

How Do Experts Clean Blocked Drains

Experts of blocked drains clean them using several methods like:

  • CCTV drain cover inspections give a clear picture of blocked drains.

  • Hydrojet drain cleaning services include cleaning using high power jets.

  • Electric eel to clear stubborn drains.

  • The toilet snake is a plunger that can be first tried at home. The plunger can be inserted to clear drains.

  • Chemical and biological drain treatments can be implemented by making use of certain natural bacteria and sometimes with chemicals being used.

  • Sometimes some repair and maintenance work needs to be carried out in order to get blocked drains fixed.

Remember, your experts of blocked drains should be reliable. They should be certified plumbers who when called in should arrive timely. They should be registered with agencies so that they are fully insured. The most important thing is that they should have good relations with clients. Instead of going on with the problem of blocked drains just call the experts to resolve this and live life normally again. They can do you justice with the kind of experience and skill that they have.

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