Why Can’t I Update Firmware Update on Router Using IP Address

It is a known fact that in order to improve the performance of the router updating its firmware will be helpful. You can log in to your router using the default IP address URL// and carry out the firmware update process. But in case you are struggling to get your router updated then we can help. For your information, Google has redirected you to the right post wherein you will find the solution to your problem. This post highlights all the tips that will help you get the firmware updated on your device by eliminating the hindrances.

How to Resolve Extender Firmware Not Updating Issue?

If you are failing to update the firmware on your router, then use the tips and tricks mentioned ahead.

1.    Have the Correct Firmware File Downloaded

You can go for automatic firmware updates on your router. The updates happen automatically at the set time. However, many users prefer to manually install the updated firmware on their routers.

If you are also one of the users, then you would have downloaded the firmware file on your computer first. This file is then installed on the router by logging in. Make sure that the firmware file that you have is the right one. Not all routers have the same firmware file. Download the file according to the make and model of your router and then get the router updated.

2.    Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

The internet connection is not stable and can stop the firmware update process in between. See that the faulty and shaky internet connection is not the reason why you can get your router upgraded.

So, check the internet cable connecting the router from the modem to the DSL gateway. It should be firmly inserted.

You can also get in touch with your Internet Service Provider to verify about the internet connection stability.

3.    Check Power Supply

A poor power supply to either the router or the modem can also be the reason why you are stuck with this issue. Poor power supply means the devices are not fully booted up. Hence you are facing issues. So, fix the electricity supply if you find any error like the power outlet is damaged or the power cable is loose. You can also use a UPS to supply stable electricity to the devices.

4.    Firmware Update Process Should not be Disturbed

Avoid interrupting the firmware update process while it is in progress. Interrupting the process can corrupt the firmware on your router. So, you should be very vigilant that nothing should be done that can stop the process. You should not open a new tab or begin playing games online for instance. Other possible causes have been mentioned above that are poor power supply and unstable internet connection. You have already taken care of those two.

5.    Use the Right Procedure Steps

Now you can go ahead and try to update the firmware on your router. Before that reboot your router once. Access the router login page via and carry out the steps. You ought to use the correct procedure to get the firmware on your router updated. Do not skip any step in between to avoid falling into the pit of issues. Refer to the user manual to find the correct procedure to update firmware.

Wrap Up

Here we conclude our helpful piece of write-up on how to fix the firmware update failure issue on your router. We are hoping that your router is now running on the updated version of the firmware. Make sure you consider all these points while getting your router updated next time onward.

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