Why is My Netgear Orbi Not Lighting Up? What Should I Do?

Performing Orbi setup has become quite common these days due to the magnificent features offered by the mesh system. After setting up the devices involved in the system, one just needs to access its network in order to gain access to a high-speed internet connection. However, various users have been reporting about their Netgear Orbi not lighting up. Some even have witnessed Orbi purple light on their WiFi routers with other lights off. Well, experiencing both these problems is quite common and one can resolve them with a simple restart of the Orbi device. Therefore, walk through the below-mentioned points and learn what to do to give a perfect start to your device.

·       First of all, disconnect your Orbi from its host networking device.

·       Locate the Power button and press it to turn off your Orbi.

·       The next step is to unplug the router or satellite and let it rest for some time.

·       Now, do the exact opposite of what you did in the previous step.

·       Turn on the Orbi device.

·       Create the connections you disengaged earlier.

Is your Netgear Orbi still not lighting up? If yes, then the time has come that you spare some time implementing the techniques summed up in this write-up. However, before that, getting aware of the reasons behind the issue will make it easy for you to go through the troubleshooting procedure.

Reasons Why Netgear Orbi Not Lighting Up

Here is a short list of the common reasons why your Orbi device is not lighting up and giving you the trouble:

·       Power outage or shortage of sufficient/non-fluctuating power

·       Improper wired connections

·       Outdated firmware of the Orbi device

·       The incomplete or improper setup process

Now, move to the next section to learn the techniques to get the problem fixed like it never existed. But, before that, let us make you familiar with the fact that the closeness of your Orbi device with the host one matters a lot. Therefore, you need to make sure that your WiFi devices stay at a proper distance from each other.

For now, let’s focus on troubleshooting techniques. FYI, some of these may require you to access the Orbi login portal. So, don’t hesitate to do the necessary.

Fixed: Netgear Orbi Not Lighting Up

·       Ensure Stable Power

Since the shortage of power was the number one reason why your Orbi device is not lighting up, we suggest you check the power supply first. For this, you can have a simple look at the wall socket employed to do the job. If it passes the test, means it is ok, then the issue might be from the backend and you can wait for it to get fixed or get yourself a UPS to resolve the power issue. In the second scenario, you must get the power socket repaired or use another one to connect your Orbi device to power.

·       Use Proper Wired Connections

The wired connections created by you between your networking devices are not supposed to be loose. If they are, then do the needful right away. However, making connections finger-tight will be of no avail if the Ethernet cables used by you are damaged. Know that damaged cables will not be able to facilitate signal propagation. Therefore, you must use a well-working cable only. And, do not forget to examine the working status of the Ethernet jacks.

·       Upgrade the Firmware

The next hack that you can follow to fix the Orbi not lighting up issue is to install the latest firmware version on the device. The reason being, the firmware of the device ensures smooth functioning. You can upgrade your Orbi device either via the mobile app specially designed for the Orbi system’s management or using the orbilogin.net URL. Whichever method you choose for the device’s firmware update, ensure not to interrupt the process by switching off the Orbi device or disconnecting it from the main networking gadget.

·       Reset Orbi

If the issue you were facing is still not ready to get fixed, then the time to take a major decision has come. Chances are that your Orbi has become a victim of some serious problem that needs to be resolved via the reset process only. Thus, you are left with the same in the case of the issue you are facing. Therefore, reset the Orbi device by pressing and holding the Reset button.

All Things Considered

If we count everything, then it is very clear that the connections related to your Orbi device need to be stable and the firmware should be the latest version. Now, we hope that the Orbi not lighting up issue has been fixed.


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