Why is My Nextbox WiFi Extender Blinking White

Is your Nextbox WiFi extender blinking white? Need not to worry! We will surely help you fix the issue. Blinking white LED on your Nextbox WiFi extender means that it is carrying a firmware and you need to update it. Some users ignore the firmware update notification after performing Nextbox setup   and because of that, they encounter with the issue.

Walk through the instructions provided underneath and know how to update the firmware of your Nextbox WiFi extender.

Nextbox WiFi Extender Firmware Update

In case your Nextbox WiFi extender keeps disconnecting or continuously showing blinking white LED, kindly update its firmware right away.

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you have a good internet connection. Yes, a good WiFi connection is required to complete the Nextbox WiFi extender firmware update process with ease.

Step 2: Turn on your Nextbox extender and connect it to your router. To prevent any sort of issue, ensure that your router is well working and also up-to-date.

You are Almost there!

Open a computer or laptop,launch a web browser, go to its address bar, and enter re.nextbox.home  Press Enter and wait till to log into the basic home page of your Nextbox WiFi extender.

Once you are logged in, you have to provide the default login of the extender.

After this, hit the Nextbox wifi extender firmware update option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the firmware on your Nextbox WiFi extender gets updated, it will stop blinking white for sure.

Nextbox WiFi Extender Not Working

If your Nextbox WiFi extender has stopped working suddenly after updating the firmware version on it, fret not. Make sure of the following!

  • Is your Nextbox WiFi extender plugged in a proper way? Please verify and apart from this, also have a look at the wall plug in which the extender is plugged in. Just ensure that it is in working condition.

  • Moreover, your router must be connected to the Nextbox WiFi extender in a correct manner. If you have used an Ethernet connection for the same, ensure that the cable is working well and in good condition. And, in case of wireless connection, you should be connected to your home WiFi.

  • Have you used the search bar or the private window for accessing re.nextbox.home? If not, then it’s fine. Else, you might face login issues.

  • Use the correct login details and apply the firmware update instructions only providing your Nextbox WiFi extender’s model number.

  • Ensure that you haven’t interrupted the process. If you did so, then the interruption caused by you will make your Nextbox WiFi extender non-working.

Still your Nextbox WiFi extender is not working? Why don’t you restart it? Maybe because of overheating your Nextbox extender is not working. So, before applying the tips listed above, we suggest you restart your Nextbox extender once. Just unplug the Nextbox device and plug it back in again after waiting for a short span of time.

The Last Words

Now, we are going to end this article. We hope that after going through this page and updating the firmware on your Nextbox WiFi extender, it has stopped blinking white.

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