Techpally descry the Disadvantages of Digitization

 Techpally descry the Disadvantages of Digitization

The first point of contact in times of digitization is the smartphone or tablet.

However, this development often destroys personal communication. Alternative strategies must be found here.

Demographic change and the peculiarities of some business models can make it necessary that personal exchange should not be neglected in the future, says chaktty.

After all, quite a few digital product innovations require a high degree of explanation.

Of course, digital processes initially save a founder time, because communication is also very time-consuming.

However, withdrawing completely is not expedient. Regular (video) conferences with employees or customers are a way to communicate in a controlled manner, according to business pally.

Before we go into the possible challenges of networking in business, you may want to understand Digital networking business meaning from our previous publication.


Possible Drawbacks of Digitization

 Participating in network meetings is also good and important to stay in touch within the industry.

Artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots etc. And it can be a way to enable first-class service quality digitally and thus counteract potential disadvantages in a targeted manner.

The opportunities offered by many internet-based channels are countered above all by the  risks of the internet.


Cyber risks

Anyone who deals too openly with their own data runs the risk of being robbed of it.

Finding out security measures and using them in a targeted manner is more important than ever today.

Hiring a freelancer who takes care of data protection and data security is certainly a good approach.

However, this does not protect you from shitstorms, cyberbullying and other Internet dangers, says Techpally boss.

Cyber ​​risks from targeted attacks cannot be dismissed out of hand, after all, prominent examples have repeatedly emerged in recent years.

It therefore requires a certain level of competence and targeted protective measures to consistently protect your own company or network from virtual threats.


Digitization attracts huge cost

At this point, a disadvantage of digitization that is particularly important for small companies becomes apparent: it causes costs.

These are all the higher, the less internal know-how is available and the more complex the business model is structured in digital terms.

In this context, data protection also plays a role, especially since it has been significantly tightened in recent years (keyword General Data Protection Regulation ' GDPR' ).

 It is also in your own interest to treat data in accordance with the law, which is becoming increasingly difficult in view of the many digital pitfalls, especially in an international context.

Data leaks can become an existential problem, as such incidents directly affect the image and perceived trustworthiness, according to businesspally.

Because that's also part of it: the internet doesn't forget anything and news can spread like wildfire.


Is Digitization the Dream of the future or soon reality?

Even if digitization is now well advanced, documents still play an important role in the US bureaucracy.

It is true that more and more services are now also being offered online by authorities and some tax returns have to be submitted electronically : paper and documents will continue to play an important role in business operations for start-ups in the years to come.

 If important documents are to be stored in digital form, then maximum security must be considered (e.g. with regard to modern cloud solutions, which will play a major role for companies now and in the future for the secure handling of large amounts of data).



This comparison of advantages and disadvantages of digitization shows that the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Overall, it is clear that the digitization of the working methods of many founders is playing into the cards.

It is important to consider opportunities and risks holistically and to have all relevant aspects with a view to the peculiarities of the business model on the screen.

In view of the changing information procurement and increasingly virtual shopping behavior, by 2020 at the latest, no business founder will be able to do without integrating digital growth strategies into the business idea.

Flexibility and mobility  are becoming increasingly important. If costs are not saved, they are at least reallocated: lower costs for infrastructure (office, warehouse, etc.) are offset by higher costs for equipment and security.

Techpally experts advise not to completely forget the analogue world, because in the event of a total failure it can be very helpful to be able to work without digital aids. And in some consulting-intensive industries, customers still attach great importance to personal, analogue service.


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