Forgotten Rockspace Extender WiFi Password? We Can Help

We, human beings have a bad habit of forgetting things. And, when it comes to WiFi passwords, the story is more complex. Since most of them include letters, numbers, and special characters, it becomes quite difficult to remember them which prevent the user from accessing the WiFi network. Have you also forgotten the WiFi password of your extender after completing the Rockspace setup process? If you are nodding in yes, this post is what you should read. Scroll down to know what to do if you are unable to remember the WiFi password of your Rockspace WiFi range extender.

Fixed: Forgotten Rockspace WiFi Password

Step 1: Check the User Manual

The first and foremost thing you should do in case you’ve forgotten the Rockspace extender WiFi password is to check the user manual you’ve received with your device. FYI, the user manual consists of every single detail regarding your Rockspace range extender. However, you need to remember that the user manual will make you aware of the default information of your extender. So, this hack will work only if you haven’t updated the WiFi password of your range extender at the time of its installation.

Step 2: Find the WiFi Password

In case you’ve modified the WiFi password of your Rockspace extender during the setup process, you have to find it by accessing the web GUI of your device. The steps mentioned below will help you with the same:

  • Power Up the Extender

First of all, consider powering up your Rockspace WiFi extender and connecting it to the host router. We would like to inform you that you can create a wired or wireless connection between your WiFi devices. However, if a wireless connection is there, pay utmost attention to the distance between your devices. Else, they’ll either struggle to communicate or their WiFi signals will get clashed. In addition, none of your WiFi devices should be plugged into a damaged socket. Chances of fluctuating power supply increase in this case.

  • Open a Web Browser

Switch on the device (laptop or computer) and load an internet browser you like. Some common browsers are Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. Although it is up to you which web browser to use, however, the one you select should not be running on an outdated software version. Additionally, you need to erase the browser’s cache and history.

  • Log in to the Extender

Now, input the default web URL re.rockspace.local into the address field and hit the Enter key. The Rockspace range extender login screen will be the next window showing up acting as a portal to find the WiFi password. However, keep in mind to enter the correct URL at the correct location. Here, enter the default admin password in case you haven’t changed it during the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process. Else, input the new login password of the extender and select Log In. You will be taken to the dashboard of your Rockspace device.

  • Check WiFi Settings

As soon as the Rockspace extender setup wizard appears, click Wireless. Now, select the WiFi Settings option to view the WiFi Settings window. Look for the WiFi Password option adjacent to the frequency band for which you’ve forgotten the password. You need to select the Eye icon in order to view the WiFi password of the extender.

That’s it! You’ve successfully found the WiFi password of your Rockspace range extender. Now, you can access the network without any trouble. However, you need to enter the WiFi password without any mistakes.

The Bottom Line

With that, we end our post suggesting what to do if you’ve forgotten the WiFi password of your Rockspace range extender. We hope that the tips we’ve discussed will help you find the WiFi password of the extender. But, what if you’ve modified the WiFi password as well as the updated login password of the range extender?

In that scenario, the only option you’re left with is to reset your range extender to the default factory mode. The Reset button located on the panel of the extender will help you do that. Once your extender resets, you’ll find that all the customized settings from your range extender have been deleted. So, you have to set it up again. The user manual will come in handy in case you don’t know how to setup Rockspace WiFi extender After that, you can set the WiFi password of the extender the way you wish. But, this time write it somewhere so you can use it when forgotten.

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