Facing Issues During Wavlink AC1200 Extender Setup? Let’s Fix!

Although configuring a Wavlink AC1200 extender is usually  straightforward, there are instances in which this is not the case. The most typical issue with setting up a Wavlink AC1200 extender is that no matter how many times the default web address is entered into the URL bar, an error message is shown. If you're having trouble doing Wavlink AC1200 setup, maybe we can assist you out with some of the advice in this post.

Wavlink WiFi setup

Having Trouble Setting Up Wavlink AC1200?

1. Verify Extender Placement

Setup will fail if the range extender is placed too distant from the primary WiFi access point in the residence. During the Wavlink AC1200 extender setup process, it is crucial to have both devices in close proximity to one another. Once you've finished setting up your extender, you're free to place it anywhere you choose, but it's best to keep it within range of your WiFi network.

2. Double-check Hardwired Connections

Loose connections between your router and extender might potentially interfere with the setup process for your extender. So, double-check all of the links to make sure everything is working properly. Verify that the outlets you have chosen to connect your gadgets into are functioning properly. Whether you're having trouble with setting up your Wavlink AC1200 WiFi range extender, you may want to check to see if a certain cable or power outlet is faulty and replace it if necessary.

3. Perform Web Browser Update

Is the version of your web browser that you're trying to use to go to wifi.wavlink.com no longer supported? The error notice will remain if you do. The best web browser to use for extending your network is one that is up to date and doesn't have a tonne of stored data like cookies and history. You may potentially ease the situation by closing unused browser tabs.

4. Verify Credentials

If you're doing wifi.wavlink.comsetup for the first time, you may use the factory-issued login credentials. Check out the Wavlink AC1200 handbook if you are unfamiliar with the specifics. The extender's default credentials need exact case sensitivity. Therefore, while configuring the extender using mywifiext.net, be sure that the login information you submit is correct.

5. Disable WiFi Interference

Setting up an extender in a location where there are other devices releasing electromagnetic waves might potentially cause problems. Baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, cellular phones, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc., may all interfere with your extender's signal, so keep it at least a decent distance from them. In addition, reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and glasses, may cause complications during installation. Thus, you may also prevent WiFi interference by keeping your extender at a safe distance from such objects.

6. Access the Correct Network

Verify that your Wavlink AC1200 extender has been linked to your device using Wavlink AC1200 network before continuing with the troubleshooting step. If you want to successfully set up your extender, you may need to connect both devices.


Try visiting the wifi.wavlink.com configuration page once again after power cycling both the router and the extender. Setup of an extender is sometimes impossible due to a small problem with the device's software or hardware. When setting up your extender for the first time, it's best to disable any firewall, ad blocker, or proxy software on your device.

To Sum Up

If you work from home and need reliable internet connectivity in different parts of your house, including the garden, garage, first floor, or kitchen, investing in a Wavlink AC1200 WiFi range extender is a smart move. It is anticipated that the steps shared in this write-up will be enough to bring you Wavlink WiFi setup success. In case you are still stuck with setup issues, we suggest you take the final step of resetting the range extender. It will allow you to do setup again. But, this time do it with extreme caution.

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