Victony Extender Keeps Losing Connection? Here’s the Fix!

There’s no doubt that Victony extenders are leading the networking world with their top-notch performance. But, it never means that a Victony WiFi extender can’t become a victim of any issue. A lot of instances have been noted where users reported that their Victony extender keeps losing connection. If the same is the problem with you, try the tested and proven troubleshooting techniques given in this post.

Fixed: Victony Extender Keeps Losing Connection

  1. Examine the Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable you put to use in order to connect your Victony range extender to the host router has a lot of work to do. Do you know its purpose? Its work is to facilitate direct communication between your WiFi devices. Thus, it needs to be damage-free at all costs.

But, it seems that you are not using a working one. Else, you won’t be facing connectivity issues. Thus, check if what we are saying is true. If yes, then why don’t you get it replaced? If no, then chances are that the connection is loose. Therefore, you have to make it finger-tight.

  1. Reduce the Extender-Router Distance

Even after reading the clear instructions from the Victony WiFi extender manual  some users put their extenders away from the host router. Know that doing so not only affects the propagation of WiFi signals but also affects the extender’s performance. Thus, you are required to minimize the value of the distance separating your WiFi devices.

But, you have to keep an important thing in mind, that is, you cannot place your WiFi devices too close. Doing so will conclude in a clash of their signals inviting plenty of extender-related issues to your table.

  1. Change the Extender’s Location

Sometimes, the location of your Victony range extender is at the fault due to which it keeps losing connection. Wondering what location has to do with the extender’s connectivity problem? Well, there are a lot of factors present in your home near which you can’t place your Victony extender. It is because doing so increases the chances of WiFi signals of the extender getting blocked or deflected from their paths.

Therefore, consider placing your Victony extender at the most appropriate location in your house. It means the location that does not house microwave ovens, televisions, mirrors, aquariums, refrigerators, treadmills, cordless phones, Bluetooth gadgets, and baby monitors. Additionally, you should place the extender away from corners and thick concrete walls.

  1. Update the Firmware

Firmware updates are introduced for the betterment of your Victony devices. If you keep ignoring firmware updates, then also the probability of your extender losing connection every now and then increases. Therefore, what we suggest is to get the firmware of your extender updated.

To update your Victony extender, you need to access the Victony WiFi extender setup wizard. But, before that, consider downloading your extender’s firmware file on your PC. As soon as the extender’s dashboard shows up, upload the firmware file under the Firmware Update section.

  1. Reboot Your Extender Regularly

Just like an apple is good for your health and keeps a doctor away, a reboot is enough for your Victony extender to say goodbye to technical glitches. It means if you reboot the extender regularly, then the chances of it becoming a victim to glitches decrease.

To reboot your Victony extender, take it out of the wall plug, give it some rest, and insert its plug again into the power socket. Your extender will be ready for use again.

Sum Up

And, that’s all about what needs to be done when the Victony extender keeps losing connection. Now, you might be aware that how important it is to take care of a few things after completing Victony setup Winding this write-up with the hope that your range extender will perform beautifully after following these hacks.

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