How to Set up Comfast WiFi Extender?

If you are an owner of a Comfast extender and looking to configure it then this post covers everything for you. Here, we are going to brief you on every step of how to set up Comfast WiFi extender. Let’s get started.

Steps to Set up Comfast Extender

A Comfast extender can be configured by accessing the web user interface of the device in a hassle-free manner. Let’s check the steps on making the device up and running using the default IP address.

  • Once you are all done with unwrapping your Comfast, give the device some space near your router.
  • If there are any additional antennas available for the extender model you have, install them properly.
  • Plug the extender into a working wall socket.
  • The LED lights on your device will start glowing.
  • Now, with the help of an Ethernet cable, connect the Comfast extender to your home WiFi router.
  • Next, you need to get access to your device and open your preferred web browser on it.
  • Once done, navigate to the address bar of the browser and fill in the default IP.
  • Press the Enter key to access the login page of your Comfast extender.
  • You will be requested to enter the Comfast login password into the given fields.
  • So, do the same and access the setup wizard of your range extender.
  • As soon as you toggle on the dashboard, certain on-screen instructions will start appearing on the web interface of your device.
  • Following all the instructions in the same manner, this way you can complete the Comfast extender setup process.

If you don’t want to experience any glitch with the working of your extender after making it functional, here are some tips to be executed.

To-do List after Comfast Setup

1. Change Password

The moment you are through with the process of making your device operational, it is suggested that you change the password of the device for keeping it secure from potential threats. While setting a new password for the Comfast extender, keep in mind to add special characters and numbers to it.

2. Update Firmware

Firmware updates are of great importance for the smooth and effective functioning of your device. Thus, we suggest you get your Comfast firmware update whenever available. This will help you make the most of your device.

3. Change WiFi Channel

If an overcrowded channel has been selected by default for your extender, then switch to the least used one. This will help you enjoy the internet without lags.

4. Keep WiFi Interference Away

Users often experience WiFi keeps disconnecting issues after configuring their Comfast extenders. If you want to avoid the same, then keep your device away from transmitting appliances like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cellular phones, etc. Keeping the extender away from reflexive surfaces and aluminum studs can also bring a difference to the overall working of your Comfast WiFi range extender.

5. Turn Off the Extender

Whenever there is no need to use the extender, give your extender some rest by turning its power button off. This will help the device revive its performance and avoid overheating issues.

6. Connect only Needed Devices

Installing a Comfast extender at your home does not mean that you connect all the available devices to its network. This will impact the working of your extender and may bring lags while streaming videos and surfing the net. So, the devices which you often use can be connected to the Comfast network.

Wrapping Up

Let’s now wind up our guide on setting up a Comfast extender and getting the most out of it. We hope after implementing the steps, you would be able to take your internet-using experience to the next level.

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