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Hamsters are small, rodent-like creatures that are popular as pets. There are many different types of hamsters, but the most common one is the Syrian hamster. Hamsters belong to the family Cricetidae and there are about 24 different species of hamsters. They range in size from 2 inches long to almost 7 inches long, not including their tail. The weight of a hamster varies depending on the species, but the most common pet hamster is between 5 and 8 ounces. The average lifespan of a hamster is about two or three years, but some have been reported to live for as long as 4-5 years. Hamsters originated in the Middle East and Asia and were first recorded by ancient Egyptians. They were later brought into Europe around 1869 and became increasingly popular as pets during the 1940s through 1960s. As more people began owning hamsters as pets their numbers increased throughout England, Western Europe, and eventually North America. There are now an estimated over 30 million domesticated hamsters throughout the world!

The name "hamster" comes from the German word "hamster", which means "to hoard". This refers to the hamster's habit of collecting items such as food or nesting materials and storing them for later use. Hamsters are nocturnal, which means they are more active at night than during the day. During daylight hours they sleep in their underground nest.

Hamsters live throughout the world in temperate climates. They can be found wild living in dry areas that have sandy soil with shrubs or other small trees for cover. Syrian hamsters (also called golden hamsters) live mostly on flat land with clumps of desert vegetation, while Russian hamsters live mainly on steppes (flat grasslands). Scientists believe that the Syrian hamster is actually a subspecies of the Russian species because they are able to interbreed and produce healthy offspring.

Hamsters typically have two or three litters a year, with four to six young in each litter. The babies are born blind and hairless and weigh about 1/10th of an ounce. They grow rapidly, however, and are fully furred and weaned within four weeks. Baby hamsters reach reproductive age at around five to eight weeks old.

Hamsters are omnivores and eat a variety of things including grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, insects, small animals, and even other hamsters! Their diet depends on what is available in their environment.

Hamsters have a number of predators including hawks, owls, foxes, coyotes and raccoons. To protect themselves from predators they usually

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Welcome to our x indian website. Our mission is to bring you the best x indian videos on the web. We update our site daily with new x indian videos so make sure to come back often!

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