My D-Link Router Keeps Shutting Off. What to Do?

 Netizens install D-Link WiFi routers in their houses so that they can complete their online tasks on time. But, the scenario can be the opposite if the WiFi router keeps shutting every next moment. In that case, the router becomes incapable of providing blazing-fast internet speeds. You might face issues accessing dlinkrouter.local in such a scenario. Are you also tired of random shut offs of your D-Link WiFi router? Well, it might be happening because of an improper power supply. Thus, pay attention to the factors involved in doing the power supply job. Walk through the next section to know what can be done.

Check Power-Related Issues First

First of all, verify the AC power adapter of your D-Link WiFi router. Is it working fine? Is it the genuine one? In case you’ve answered both questions in yes, you are required to check the power socket into which you’ve plugged your router.

The socket in use is supposed to be capable of providing sufficient electricity to the WiFi router. In other words, it must be free of any kind of damage. Moreover, you are also required to ensure that there is no backend-related power issue. Consider taking the help of a UPS in that scenario. But, if fixing power-related issues does not help you fix random shut offs of your D-Link WiFi router, it is advised that you walk through the next section.

Fixed: D-Link Router Keeps Shutting Off

1.      Go for a Power Cycle

Power cycling is known to perform those wonders that the majority of troubleshooting tips are incapable of. Know that when you power cycle the router or any networking device, the technical glitches affecting the device’s ability to work well get kicked off. Apart from this, the performance of the device also gets improved after the power cycle process.

Therefore, there is a possibility that random shut off of your D-Link router can be gotten rid of with the help of this easy-to-execute process. To reboot the router, you are advised to turn it off and on. But, there needs to be a decent gap of 15 minutes between the powering down and up of the wireless router. You are also free to unplug the router from its respective power socket in an attempt to power cycle it.

2.      Update the Firmware

Firmware is the term coined for special types of software that manage a networking device’s activities. Since your D-Link router is also a networking device, it also runs with the aid of firmware. The problem is that you cannot make your D-Link router run on the older version of firmware for a long time. This is to bring to your notice that a newer version of the firmware is rolled out by D-Link for its networking devices every now and then.

Thus, users are advised to install these firmware versions as soon as they are rolled out. Router users can complete the process by dlinkrouter.local whereas users owning a WiFi range extender need to access dlinkap local to update the firmware. But, no matter which device you own, be sure that the firmware version you upload on the device belongs to its respective model number. In addition, do not make the mistake of interrupting the process by playing games and disconnecting your router from the modem.

D-Link Router Still Keeps Shutting Off

If your D’Link router is still stuck in the shut off loop, then you are required to work on its placement. Perhaps, it is overheating due to which it is powering down every now and then. Pick your WiFi router up and choose a well-ventilated space for its placement. Furthermore, make sure that you are not making your WiFi device sit near an object containing a large amount of water or devices emitting radio wave frequencies. The router’s placement in a corner or near a thick concrete wall is also not suggested.

Reset the WiFi router if nothing works in your favor. The process can be carried out by pressing the Reset button. But, make sure to set up the router after that.


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