How to Set Up Netgear Router as WiFi Access Point

A Netgear router can be set up easily with the existing home network. You can use your router as a router.  Here you set it up in the router mode. You also have the option to set up your Netgear router in AP mode or Access Point mode if there is another router in the home. The simple process of router setup can be carried out by logging into the admin dashboard using the web address or the default IP address In this guide, we will tell you the process of setting up your Netgear router in AP mode. Stick to reading.

Setting Up Netgear Router in AP Mode

1st Step: Place the Router

To set up the Netgear router, you first need to place it closer to the existing router. Hence, if it is a brand new router then unbox it first and then bring it closer to another router. There should be an available socket to connect the router.

2nd Step: Connect the Routers

Get hold of an Ethernet cable now and insert one of its ends into the existing router and the other one into the Netgear router. You should use the Internet port on the Netgear router and the Ethernet port on the existing router.

3rd Step: Turn on the Routers

Now, plug the power adapters of both routers into well working power outlets. Switch them on using the power buttons located on them. Let the lights on them turn stable. Both routers must be fully booted up. Confirm the same and then proceed further.

4th Step: Connect PC to Router’s Network

You now need to turn on your computer or laptop. Get it connected to the Netgear router’s WiFi. Use the SSID and password available on the router’s label to connect to it. If the WIFI connection does not work then connect using a cable.

5th Step: Log In to Router

Open an internet browser on your PC and access login page. As soon as the login window appears, key in the admin credentials ie the username and password and do the login. Upon pressing the Enter key, you will be taken to the Basic Home page or the admin dashboard.

6th Step: Complete the Setup Process

In the settings, click on Advanced> Advanced Setup> Wireless AP. A new window named Wireless AP will open up now. Now, select the check box next to Enable AP Mode. Click and select one of the following IP Address settings:

Get dynamically from existing router-When you are using your router in AP mode, the other router will assign an IP address to it.

Use fixed IP settings on this device-In this, you manually assign a specific IP address to the Netgear router. This setting is not recommended.

Finally, click on Apply button. The Netgear router’s IP address will now be changed and you will be disconnected from its network. You can now reconnect to its network. If you want to make any other changes to its settings, then log in again using the web address We suggest you use different wireless settings on both routers to avoid signal interference.

The Closing Note

This is all about setting up the Netgear router in the Access Point mode. You can continue to use both routers now. The second router ie the Netgear router will be used as a WiFi access point now. You can now connect different devices in your home to its WiFi and begin enjoying lag free internet access.

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