7 Factors That Affect Linksys WiFi Extender’s Performance

Extenders spread WiFi signals throughout the home or office. But sometimes extenders face many interferences which can reduce the signals. So if you also face slow internet or no internet issues with your wifi Linksys extender, then read the article attentively. Because we are going to pen down some reasons which will affect your WiFi Extender performance.

Too Many Active Devices

When you connect many devices at the same time, it can weaken the wifi signals. So make sure when doing your important work do not connect multiple devices with the Linksys wifi extender.

Devices can have trouble picking up strong wifi connections. High-speed internet issues could occur as a result of the large number of devices connected to this network. Remove your electronic devices from the wireless devices because they emit radio frequency. Make sure your equipment doesn't interfere with the internet's network since most metal items do.

Sub-Standard Software

Internet users invest low cost in routers and software, it may create issues for wireless networks. They simply need to seem to function well for a brief while in order to avoid being replace

Routers perform a significant amount of processing. They run the software, have processors, etc. As a result, many of the same factors that can affect the performance of a PC or server can also affect a router. As a result, they accumulate data in their internal tables over time, have memory leaks, and lose effectiveness. Poorly written and tested code is to blame for this. As a result, the device will need to reboot more frequently.


Many times, you will notice that Linksys extenders not working properly. Most people think that there are issues with the cable. But the actual culprit is overheating. Extenders work 24 hours without taking any breaks. So overheating is a common problem.  When your devices do not get high-speed internet signals then firstly check your extender touch by hand. If it is overheating then just turn off the extender. Don't turn on the extender unless it will not cool. After around 60 seconds restart your router. It may start work again. So you should know about it.

Position of Your Antennas

To enhance the performance of your wifi connection, you can set your antenna properly. An omnidirectional antenna can  use to establish a network in any room of your house. It's the best solution, in my opinion, for dispersing your wifi signal throughout your house or business. According to Watt, certain MacBooks were designed to accept wifi signals vertically, while others were designed to do it horizontally. Setting your antenna perpendicularly will help broadcast signals throughout your two-story home's interior. As a result, you can use the horizontal signal to cover one story while using the vertical signal to cover the other floors. Visit the Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup page and follow the instructions if you need help configuring it

Move Your Extender to Another Place.

The location is crucial for an extender to receive wifi signals anywhere. A perfect location means the extender can get high-speed signals. The Center is the best position because from there the extender spreads its signals all over your place. Many times people use extenders in the multistory home but they ever misplace their extenders and face internet issues. So  you should know what the best place for an extender is. Make sure you put your extender far away from electronic gadgets. Because they also use the same frequency as a wireless network.  It may disturb your internet.  

Overload Channel

you can face a slow internet problem because in apartments many people use the same channel of their routers.  Decide on a unique name for each of your wifi channels. The channels can disturb by radio waves. Reduce your channel usage as necessary. As a result, your internet connection will operate more quickly. If you don't have knowledge about the channels then you can go to Linksys extender login portals and set your router’s channels perfectly. 

Last Words 

Multiple reasons can reduce your internet range at your place. So avoid making mistakes and secure your internet from obstacles. If your Linksys extender faces the same kind of problems then follow the upper instructions carefully.

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