Can’t Connect to ap.setup During Victony Setup? Here’s the Fix!

Can’t Connect to ap.setup During Victony Setup? Here’s the Fix!

Users may set up their Victony WiFi range extender using the default web address i.e. ap.setup, ensuring that their network can be accessed from anywhere in the house. This web address can also be found in the Victony WiFi extender manual. But, there are times when users are unable to access the ap.setup web address for their Victony range extenders. If you are also having trouble accessing the website at the pre-set URL, you are not alone.

The ap.setup Victony range extender login page is notoriously difficult to use. There may be a number of causes behind the issue. Get to know them as we do.

Troubleshoot- Can’t Connect to ap.setup Victony

Before trying any hack, restart your modem, router, and range extender. The gadgets may be easily rebooted by power cycling. Turn off the power, wait a few minutes, then plug everything back in and turn it on to check if the problem persists.

  • Check Connections

Verify that all of your electronic devices (including the modem, router, extender, and computer) are receiving power and are plugged in correctly. Ethernet cables used to link gadgets together should be invulnerable to cracking at either end. In such a case, try using a different Ethernet cable.

  • Take Care of Extender-Router Distance

Keep your Victony extender in the same room as your router throughout the installation process. However, after you've finished the initial configuration, you're free to relocate your WiFi booster.

  • Avoid Signal Disruptions

Separate your WiFi router and extender from other electronics in the home to avoid signal disruptions. Appliances like refrigerators, Bluetooth gadgets, microwave ovens, mobile phones, baby monitors, and so on might all fall into this category.

Quick Tip: Delete any harmful programs or files you find, then scan your computer or laptop for infections. If the danger is located, it must be eliminated immediately.

  • Say No to Obsolete Browser

Make sure you're using the most recent version of your preferred web browser to access the Victony WiFi range extender's factory default web address. If it doesn't, you should either upgrade to a newer version or use a different browser. Choose from Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Edge, or Internet Explorer. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies before visiting ap.setup is also recommended.

  • Go with the IP Address

If you are sure you typed the URL correctly but are still having trouble, try a different browser. Alternatively, you may utilize the system-issued IP address. But, it should be kept in mind that the default web URL and IP can’t be accessed by putting the search bar of the web browser to use. This role is bagged by the browser’s search bar only.

  • Reset the Extender

It's possible that you made a mistake somewhere in the installation of your Victony range extender. In that scenario, the time to step on the stair of resetting the range extender is near. So, don’t wait to perform Victony WiFi extender reset. But, keep in mind to reconfigure your device after that.

  • Reconfigure the Extender

To reconfigure your extender according to the installation instructions, refer to the instructions mentioned below. When setting up a Victony extender, you may choose to use the WPS button instead of manually entering the network's information.

  1. Connect the extender to a live power source and activate it.

  1. Find your WiFi device’s WPS button and push it.

  1. Activate the WPS feature on your router by pressing the button.

  1. Done!

Sum Up

This was all about what to do when you are unable to connect to ap.setup while logging in to your Victony range extender. Hopefully, after trying the Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting tips mentioned above, you will be able to fix the issue that was troubling you.

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