Victony WiFi Password Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]


Although Victony range extenders are stupendous devices making the user’s internet experience wonderful, still they can fall victim to certain issues. The Victony WiFi password not working issue is of them. Are you also unable to access the internet on your devices due to the same reason? Did you just nod in yes? Well, worry not! Have a brisk walk through this post and learn the troubleshooting techniques to get rid of the Victony WiFi repeater issue you are facing.

Fixed: Victony WiFi Password Not Working

Tip 1: Re-enter the Password

The Victony WiFi extender password is case-sensitive. In other words, the capitalization of letters is considered while deciding the correctness of the password. So, there is a high possibility that a typo has resulted in the issue you are currently facing. To eliminate the issue, you are required to enter the Victony WiFi password again and check whether it has started working for you or not. If yes, then you can go online and start using the internet. If the result is not in your favor, then the next tip is ready to be given a shot.

Tip 2: Try the Default Password

If you do Victony WiFi extender reset or it happens accidentally, then it is obvious that your range extender has returned to its default settings. It means that the WiFi password of your Victony extender might also have defaulted back to the original one. So, consider entering the default WiFi password of the Victony range extender and see if you get success this time.

Tip 3: Get in the Range of Extender

At times, the Victony WiFi password fails to work if you are too far from your range extender. It happens because the WiFi signals emitted by your range extender are unable to reach your device resulting in the issue you are struggling with. Therefore, we advise you get a little closer to the Victony WiFi range extender in order to get the problem fixed. However, consider not sticking to the extender. Things can turn awry in that case.

Tip 4: Bring Extender Close to Router

Have you placed your Victony WiFi device and the main router at too much distance after completing the Victony WiFi extender setup process? Well, then it’s a no-shocker that you are facing the Victony WiFi password not working issue. When your WiFi devices are too far from each other, their signals won’t get propagated properly resulting in various issues. To rid yourself of this Victony repeater problem, waste no more time reducing the distance between your WiFi devices.

Tip 5: Check the Ethernet Cable

Have you been using the same Ethernet cable for connecting your Victony WiFi extender and router for ages? If yes, then there is a chance that it has worn out from some point. Why don’t you check it? In case you find any cuts on it, then we suggest you proceed with the help of another Ethernet cable. Also, make sure that the Ethernet connection joining your Victony WiFi range extender and the host router is finger-tight.

Tip 6: Reboot the Extender

Chances are that your Victony WiFi extender is undergoing some minor hardware or software problem. Yes, we are referring to technical glitches. Technical glitches hold the potential of breaking the knuckles of your extender. Therefore, you need to get rid of them. For this, reboot your Victony extender. Thus, without wasting a minute, unplug your WiFi extender, keep it on rest for a while, and re-plug it. Now, see if the issue you are facing has been fixed or not.

Tip 7: Get Rid of WiFi Interference

After ruling out the aforementioned possibilities, consider checking the location where your Victony WiFi extender sits. Is it full of various WiFi interference factors? By WiFi interference factors, we are referring to televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, cellular phones, baby monitors, smart watches, mirrors, fish tanks, treadmills, aluminum doors, etc. If these factors are present near your Victony extender, then change its location right away.

Final Thoughts

After giving a shot at the techniques discussed in this post, you will be able to do away with the Victony WiFi password not working issue. On the off chance, these tips fail to free you from the issue, then perform factory default reset of your Victony extender as the ultimate hack. The guidelines to reset the extender can be found in the Victony WiFi extender manual. However, do not forget to set up the extender again after completing the reset process.

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