Want to Change Amped Range Extender Password? Let’s Help!

Want to Change Amped Range Extender Password? Let’s Help!

Today, a lot of Amped range extender networks fall prey to hackers due to weak or no security. The weak security here refers to no admin password of the extender. Is your Amped wireless range extender operating without a login password? Well, that’s scary as well as risky. Doors without locks are broken first. Therefore, if you want your Amped extender to be secure from freeloaders, then you should change its admin password.

Wondering how to change the extender’s admin passphrase? Well, the process is simple. In case you are not sure about the complete process, take the assistance of the guidelines highlighted in this post. So, let’s get going.

Steps to Change Amped Range Extender Password

  1. Hardware Preparations

  • Start the process of changing the admin password by putting the Amped range extender in the same room where your host router is placed.
  • Done? Now comes the step of powering it up.
  • Look for a wall socket and connect your Amped device to it properly.
  • Press the Power button.
  • Is the extender powered up now?
  • Pick an Ethernet cable offering a faster data transmission rate.
  • Thereafter, you need to connect the Amped extender to the home router using the cable.
  • In case you don’t want to use a cable, a wireless source is always available to get the process completed.

  1. Access Amped Setup Wizard

  • After connecting your devices, you need to shift your attention to the PC.
  • Switch it on.
  • Now, open the web browser that you prefer most.
  • Ensure that the internet browser is secure.
  • Hover the mouse cursor and take it to the Uniform Resource Location (URL) field.
  • This is where you need to enter the default web address of the device.
  • Once the entrée is completed, hit the Enter key.
  • The page will shift to the Amped extender dashboard.
  1. Change the Password

  • The dashboard is nothing but the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.
  • Locate the Management option.
  • Select Password Settings.
  • A new window will appear prompting you to specify a new password for the Amped wireless device.
  • So, type in the password you want your Amped device to have.
  • Once done, consider re-entering it for verification.
  • Feel free to assign a new username to your Amped extender. It will enhance security.
  • Done with all the entrees?
  • Now, click Apply.

The changes you’ve made to your Amped wireless device will get reflected after a short span. Note that now you need to key in the new login information of your Amped extender to log in to it in the future.

Although the process to assign a new admin password to your Amped device is simple, you might fall into a pit of issues while doing so. To avoid that, we’ve mentioned some checkpoints that will help you change your password with ease.

Tips to Change Amped Extender Password Easily

  • Your Amped range extender as well as the host router is supposed to receive consistent electricity. To make it possible, always use a non-damaged power plug to power up your wireless devices.

  • The Ethernet cable in action must be free of damages. Keep in mind that any damage to the Ethernet cable can result in the fragmented transmission of signals which is not good. However, if a wireless source is helping you with the extender-router connection, the distance between your devices comes into play. So, it must be accurate at all costs.

  • No matter which internet browser is selected by you for changing the process, you can’t use its outdated version. Outdated web browsers will give you an eerie experience only. Thus, update the web browser before heading toward the password-changing process.

  • The default web address of Amped is http://setup.ampedwireless.com and it must be entered in the exact way it is written. Another thing you need to avoid while making the default web address insertion is its entry into the search bar of the internet browser. Using it might take you to several websites but not the one you want to access.

  • WiFi interference is the least considered factor when it comes to tweaking the settings of the Amped device. WiFi interference must be avoided at all costs. It means no matter what, your extender is not allowed to share its space with reflective surfaces, heavy electrical appliances, objects with a large amount of water, and metal objects. Closeness to the wall should also be avoided.

Final Words

That’s all about how to assign a new password to your Amped wireless device. Now, you can relax about the security of your Amped network. Wrapping up the article with an anticipation that the guidelines and tips shared above will be helpful for you.

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