Top Cloud Storage Service That You Need to Instantly Check Out!

Over the last few years, the need for cloud storage has risen for the common public. This may be for several reasons, which may include free storage lockers to allow users to experience the service and then sign up for a subscription plan to get more space and storage capacity. However, the different offers that are present out there, selecting a cloud storage service is not easy and requires some major thought and contemplation.

Users believe that the best cloud storage is one that offers free service, makes it simple yet easy to backup/share important files or folders in the cloud for zero to no costs. So to help you find the perfect cloud storage service, we are going to present some of the best services in the market today to help you choose the service that’s most suitable for you!

Mega is considered among the best cloud storage providers in the industry today. Not does this service offer you a free plan with a chunk full of free storage, about 50GB, this cloud storage is big on the safety of the user, ensuring that the source code of the sync client is open, so security professionals always check to make sure that there are no leaks in the software. Since there is end-to-end encryption for all your files and documents, including mobile apps, other facilities such as voice/video chat facilities with messaging features are also encrypted.

Although the cloud storage service is only free for the initial period, that is, 30 days only; it offers more than the likes of Microsoft or Google combined. While users will find reasonable capacity for free service, there are ways through which you can earn more space, called ‘achievements’ in Mega. Furthermore, Mega’s free plan gets the same fast transfer speeds as their premium subscribers do, with no speed throttling, for free users. The cloud storage service has several paid plans for businesses as well, who require vast amounts of storage, at least up to 16TB, along with numerous premium features, such as password protection.

This cloud storage service, IceDrive is comparatively new in the industry and its free space of 10GB capacity is considered quite reasonable without being cutting-edge, for the service does come with multiple solid features. One, IceDrive also can function like a virtual drive, which means that the user can assign a label to it. Hence, every time you want to use or download any software, the user can easily save it here in this virtual drive, in the same way, that they would save to their hard drive.

Hence, always check that before uploading anything heavy on this drive, always check that your service has a decent speed, otherwise it will take ages for you to upload. If that’s not the case, contact your internet provider to fix it, especially if your speed has been throttled. However, the only downside is that this slick feature is available to Windows only.

Although this virtual drive feature may be accessible for Windows only, the cloud storage facility, IceDrive is not. The service has apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, consecutively. Moreover, one of the best features of this cloud storage service, is it offers you options for signing up for a lifetime membership. What’s more is that this is similar to purchasing a virtual hard drive, where you can synchronize all your work and then also set up a remote drive for backup as well. While IceDrive is an efficient yet new-age tech for the user, it's perfect for those, who are keen to upgrade for the future, but like everything, it comes with its own set of drawbacks, primarily that the best features can only be accessed after paying a minimal fee.

Yandex Disk

This is a Russian-based search engine, which is ready to cross Russian borders and make a splash in the world. Although Yandex Disk has been quite successful in Russia and earned quite a spot in the tech world, it is little known outside of Russia. This cloud storage has mobile and even web-based apps, making it available for most devices and related platforms.

What’s more, is that users can even access the previous version of this cloud storage. With a free space of 42GB, Yandex Disk integrates with Microsoft Office, so every time you want to save and access your work for later, you can do that with this storage facility. Although limited, Yandex Disk also offers media playback features for users. However, the only downside to this service is the lack or difficulty to determine security features, so it's best to presuppose that end-to-end encryption is not a part of the service.


This is another new entrant in the cloud storage sector. The most striking feature about Degoo is that it offers free space of 100GB. If going by numbers, then this should be enough to convince you. The downside is that the policies behind this cloud storage facility keep changing, so you should always be updated with the official guidelines, lest you make a move that might bar you from using the service.

Although users receive about 100GB of free storage, which can be increased by viewing ads/videos or by playing online games. Yet users cannot upload copyrighted content. Furthermore, daily limits are already established along with maximum file sizes, so if you are looking for a storage facility where you can backup your phone photos and videos, give the Degoo app a shot.


Although cloud storage can facilitate users by backing up important files and folders, present on their systems, the multiple collaborative features make these easier to access from anywhere. However, while most of the above-mentioned services have maximum free features, each comes with its own set of limitations as well. We recommend that users should always select a cloud storage service with a suitable file capacity that offers the best features free of costs. It is pertinent to mention that cloud storage only works well if it is connected to a stable and reliable internet connection. If your present service is not up to the mark, visit BuyTVInternetPhone and select a service that’s fast, steady, and easily available in your area.

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